Veronica Granados, ACE Austin Program Coordinator, TA Brown Elementary-CATS Club After School Program, Austin,TX

Hey Ian,

     I want to thank you for introducing "Ryhthm" to our students at TA Brown Elementary.  Having you as part of our CATS Club After School Program has allowed the students to experience the drums.  As you may know students aren't always exposed to many musical options and seeing the smiles on their faces when they get a beat going is priceless!

     I love that you recently have been teaching morse code and the importance of rhythm everywhere.  Before your class our After School program lacked a musical outlet and I am excited for you to continue working with our students!


Debra Satz, EARTHS Magnet School, Newbury Park, CA

Dear Ian,

     My second graders were thrilled with your presentation. I loved the way you taught the children the underlying math that makes up the musical patterns that you're drumming. It was so interesting to find out just how organized a drummer's patterns are, when in reality, the listener can't always pick out the individual number of taps on each of the drummer's hands.  Your lesson was fascinating! Although most of your audience was made up of third, fourth, and fifth graders, my second graders received just as much learning and enjoyed the presentation just as much as the older children! They were sorry when it was over! I hope you come back every year and share your talents with us at EARTHS Science Magnet School! Thank you very, very much!


Lisa LaMontagne-Long. EARTHS Magnet School, Newbury Park, CA

Hi Ian,

     It was a pleasure to watch you present and perform for our kids at EARTHS Magnet School.  I like how you immediately connected with the kids with that which completely resonates with(in) them: their hearts  and their heartbeat.  When you demonstrated the fractional beats through the cadence of their own heartbeats you had them captivated as they physically and consciously drummed along with you.  It was delightful to witness. Also liked your willingness to improv and take on beats and rhythms suggested by the kids of the audience.  They all left with a greater appreciation of the structure of world musics. You rocked it.

     But for me personally, my favorite part of your time with us was seeing you take out your camera and snap off a picture of your sister as she played ukelele and sang alongside you as you drummed.  I wished at that moment that I had had a camera as I saw a zoomed out frame of the two of you which also  included both your parents glowing as they looked on.  So sweet.  Truly priceless.  The whole audience longed to be part of your family at that moment, I'm sure.  It's the picture I never took that I personally will never forget.

     We appreciate your sharing your time and talents.  Good luck to you as you continue along on your musical journey.